Snowmobiling in Québec


Get ready to discover serious snowmobiling in the land where the snow machine was born — beautiful, breathtaking Québec. Chart a course for unlimited adventure: down 33,000 km (20,506 mi.) of silver trails featuring fresh-groomed powder, pristine forests and awesome snow-sculpted landscapes. Relax.

Everywhere you go, you will come across friendship, hospitality and an unforgettably warm Québec welcome. Celebrate the freedom to ride, right into the best winter adventure ever.  For more information visit


Official site of Snowmobile Country

Joining forces under the brand label of Authentic Québec, Lanaudiere and Mauricie offer a true, natural and authentic experience of Quebec. Our great regions welcome you with outstanding trail conditions and an endless choice of circuits. Bordered by the St. Lawrence River, this vast area between Montreal and Quebec City invites you to the only true Snowmobile Country! A paradise for real enthusiasts!